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Scotland's textiles facts

Industrial and commercial textiles and materials

Textiles industry in Scotland

Latest stats and facts on Scotland's textiles industry. Published February 2020.

International and innovative

The Scottish textile industry has been at the forefront of high value manufacturing and global exporting since the 1700s and the industry today is flexible, innovative and
market driven.

World-leading brands across fashion, interiors and technical textiles all view Scotland as a supplier of choice.

Scottish textiles exports are worth £360 million (1.1% of Scotland's total international exports, 2018)The sector exports to over 150 countries with Scottish quality
and authenticity at the core of the industry proposition.

Scottish textiles can be found all around the world - from Sydney Opera House to luxury Singapore hotels, from surgical gowns to artificial grass, from the Milan catwalks to premium airports and from Hollywood film sets to Formula 1 cars.

Industrial and commercial textiles and materials

Scottish textiles stats

525 companies

0.3% of Scotland's total companies (2019)

8,000 employment

0.3% of Scotland's total employment (2018)

£321m GVA

0.2% of Scotland's GVA (2017)

Company insight

Textiles companies surveyed between July and December 2019
Performance last 6 months
  • 76% reported increased turnover
  • 24% reported improved profitability
Expectations next 6 months


  • 65% expect to grow exports
  • 57% expect to add staff
Joanne Holmes from Johnstons of Elgin .

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