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Business development and advice

Business development and advice

Need support to take your business where you want it to be? Our specialist advisers can help you overcome day-to-day challenges, enhance your business practices or explore new markets and opportunities to grow and scale your company.

Improve business processes

Small changes can deliver big benefits. Get practical guidance on how to enhance your business productivity and better engage your employees to boost efficiency and profit.

Find new customers and suppliers

Find out how we can help you source new customers and suppliers and get up-to-the-minute market research.

Domestic market research

Our research service offers highly-valuable market reports and insights. We can help you source new suppliers, get the latest insights on customer behaviour and find up-to-the minute UK market intelligence.

Explore new international markets

If your product or service is performing well at home, then there’s likely to be demand for it outside the UK. Make international trade a priority. 

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Get useful guidance on how to sell online effectively. Find out about the support we can offer to help your business embrace ecommerce and reach new and existing customers online.

Work with other companies

Collaboration can be a great way to grow your business. We can help companies work together to pool resources, reduce costs and share risk to enable faster, more sustainable growth.

Succession planning support

Whether you’re looking to hand over the reins of your business soon or simply planning for the long-term, our experts will ensure the path of succession runs smoothly.

Business sustainability

Find out about the benefits of sustainable business practices and how our sustainability specialists can help you work more efficiently, build resilience and take advantage of low carbon opportunities.

Support for entrepreneurs

As well as supporting businesses, we aim to support the individuals who run them. Find out more about the support, programmes and funding available to entrepreneurial individuals.

Employee ownership

Is employee ownership the right exit strategy for you and business? If your company is based in Scotland, our experienced advisers can give you up to three days free support to help explore your options.

Work together as a community co-operative

Community co-operatives

By forming a community co-operative, locals can preserve essential services and develop economic opportunities in their area. Find out how we can help your community collaborate for the benefit of all.

Scale your business

Is your company growing at pace? Got a great entrepreneurial team in place with a willingness to learn and work with others? Get the support you need to scale up.

Attracting and hiring overseas talent

Struggling to fill your skills gaps and considering looking outside of Scotland? Get more information about the logistics of hiring from overseas, and find out what support TalentScotland could offer.

Still not sure what support your business needs?

Simply select from the following and we'll quickly find the best options for you.

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Still not sure what support your business needs?

Simply select from the following and we'll quickly find the best options for you.

Our partners Business Gateway provide support for new start-up businesses

From skills development and strategy to funding and advice, Business Gateway's highly experienced team can help you navigate any challenge.

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Still not sure what support your business needs?

Simply select from the following and we'll quickly find the best options for you.

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We've helped thousands of businesses to improve their operations.

240+ increased export targets

With our advice over 240 companies increased their export targets*

940+ better leaders

Over 940 companies improved their leadership skills with our help*

1,100+ new innovators

Supported over 1,100 Scottish companies to start innovating*

*based on 2017/18 performance

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Billy Wilson from Jas P Wilson squatting next to a large tyre

Billy Wilson is the managing director of Jas P Wilson, a forestry and firewood firm

"I’d thought that innovation was just about product development...but at the ‘deeper’ innovation workshops, I saw that it’s actually in every part of your business."
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Nick Bannerman from Johnstons of Elgin in the company's factory

Nick Bannerman is the managing director of Johnstons of Elgin, a luxury clothing company

"Use your contacts, use Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International - they've got lots of experts in lots of different geographies around the world, in lots of different sectors. You should never be stuck for an opening."
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