Improve productivity and employee engagement

Prepare and adapt your workplace

Prepare and adapt your workplace

Ways we can support your business as it transitions to the new normality.

Joanne Holmes from Johnstons of Elgin .

Adapting to change

How do you make the most of your physical and virtual workspaces in transitioning to the new normality?

This isn’t just about moving desks or investing in the latest software. It’s about supporting companies and employees continuing to work from home and mobilising to return to the workplace.

The performance of your business can often be influenced by how well-aligned your environment is to your culture and working practices.

Things to consider

Your workplace may well have been designed to support new ways of working and high levels of human interaction to fuel creativity, innovation, speed and agility. However, these attributes now pose challenges considering the Covid-19 pandemic, as businesses work to limit physical interaction. 

We can work with you to plan how you:

  • Protect your people
  • Prepare your buildings
  • Adapt your services

"There are many ways you can improve workplace culture on return to work. Allow new ways of working to flourish, if they are better than old ways, by encouraging cross-functional collaboration and painting a clear vision of the future."

Clare Alexander, Head of Business Models and Workplace Innovation, Scottish Enterprise


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