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Operate after Brexit

Operate after Brexit

Together with our partners we are helping businesses across Scotland adapt to the new operating environment following our exit from the European Union. Find information on the changing requirements for dealing with EU and the processes you need to have in place to continue your relationship with member states.

Economic trends and performance

Read our latest Economic Commentary - a monthly update on global, UK and Scottish economic trends and performance, drawn from a wide range of economic indicators and commentaries.

Resources for your business

Official guidance and advice

Keep up to date with official guidance and advice on changes you should be aware of after Brexit, such as personalised actions and helpline information. 

Key dates for companies

It's vital for businesses to keep up with changing rules and regulations surrounding business operations. Follow our guidance to ensure you're aware of key dates and actions. 

Frequently asked questions

Search our frequently asked questions by topic to find solutions to the foremost issues faced by Scottish businesses.

Export to the EU

New rules for businesses took effect on 1 January 2021 and some of the changes are significant. We’re here to help you continue trading in the new operating environment with advice on exporting and selling online.

Import from the EU

The withdrawal agreement also changed the way that goods are imported into Great Britain from the EU. Follow our guidance to ensure that you're able to continue importing from Europe now the UK has left the EU.

Trade with Northern Ireland

EU withdrawal has also meant changes to the way goods move between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with new administrative procedures now in place including declaration requirements and conformity assessment processes.

Understanding VAT after Brexit

The rules surrounding VAT have changed. Understand how the new rules affect your business, with country-specific information and situational examples.

Learn about conformity assessment and labelling

Goods will be subject to separate regulation in the UK and the EU. Get to know how the conformity assessment process and labelling impact your business to ensure you're following the new regulations. 

Transport and logistics

How to ensure your goods get to market and you get the imports your business needs to operate after Brexit.

Trade with third countries

EU free trade agreements that offered Scottish businesses preferential terms no longer apply. The UK has agreed continuity agreements with some countries, but not all, so in some cases the levels of coverage will now be different.

Sector-specific advice

Following our exit from the EU, Scottish businesses now need to obtain authorisations from new regulatory bodies in some sectors. This may affect your business, particularly if you need to certify, package and label products for export. Find guidance on specific countries and sectors here.

Financial support

From recruitment to contract terms, leaving the EU has brought additional business expenses. Support is available to help you adapt to changing costs and risks.

Data, intellectual property and legal contracts

It is essential to remain legally compliant now that intellectual property rights, trademark law and data adequacy requirements are changing.

People, workforce and skills

With the end of free movement between the UK and EU, there are new systems in place for recruiting staff from outside the UK. The environment has also changed for UK professionals, who are now subject to third country requirements in host states.

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